0:00 – Science is materialist by method, but scientists need not and should not be materialist by philosophy

2:00 – The world must be real and intelligible for science to make sense

3:00 – And faith provides a philosophical basis that allows this to happen

3:30 – Students’ testimony on faith and science

4:30 – Removing the faith/science obstacle is only one step on the road toward faith

5:00 – God vs. Godzilla

6:00 – The true God and His use of secondary causes

11:00 – Creation as carmen Dei (song of God; Bonaventure)

12:00 – vs. strepitus naturae

15:00 – Thought and spirit vs. matter

[This harks back to, e.g., the Ed Feser talk at the SCS conference. I personally think there is an enormous gap–bridgeable, but still to be bridged–between these arguments that the ability of the mind to generate and handle abstract concepts implies a non-material component to thought on the one hand, and the work of modern neuroscience to track the activity of neurons around the brain in specific patterns as we think.]

17:00 – Philosophical gaps in the picture of existence without God

18:00 – Infinite regress of causes, temporal/efficient causes and extra-temporal

19:00 – Postmoderns in general have a depressing view: a para-Christian morality without God; doctrinaire atheists live in an even more depressing paradigm of complete lack of meaning

21:00 – Basil & Pope Francis on creation

22:00 – Basil on the interpretation of the six days and other aspects of creation

23:00 – Guides on the tour of creation

25:00 – Symbolic language (numbers) in Scripture

27:00 – Scriptural mandate to tend creation

29:00 – Historic ginning up of the conflict between science and faith

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